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Crowns and Bridges in 

When a tooth becomes lost or severely damaged, it is very important that the patient receives a proper restoration. One of the most effective and proven ways to do this is by applying a dental crown or a bridge.

These restorations are custom-made from impressions of the patient’s teeth so that they look natural and provide the best performance possible. Wauchula Dental offers porcelain, multi-visit crowns and bridges. Porcelain is highly regarded in the dental community because of its remarkably similar appearance to natural tooth material and its overall strong performance when used for replacing or restoring teeth.


A dental crown is used to restore or replace a single tooth. When restoring a damaged tooth, the crown will be placed over the remaining structure and act as a “cap” to the tooth. This will offer it support, protect it from further damage, and provide it with a natural appearance. If the crown is being used to replace a lost tooth, then a dental implant will need to be surgically inserted into the jawbone to support the crown. A crown may also be used as part of a dental bridge to support the structure.

In order to receive a traditional porcelain crown, a patient will need to make two visits to our practice. The first visit involves taking impressions of the tooth. We will then forward the impressions to a dental laboratory so that a custom crown can be built. The patient will return for a follow-up visit to have the crown fitted after it is ready.


    A dental bridge is typically used when a patient is missing multiple teeth in a row. There are two main components to a dental bridge. The bridge itself consists of one or more replacement teeth that “bridge” the gap that was created when the teeth were lost. At each end of the bridge is a dental crown that will provide support for the rest of the structure. In this case, the crowns are referred to as “abutments.” By receiving support from the two dental crowns, the bridge will remain steady and secure. All of the bridging teeth and the abutment crowns are custom-built so that they appear natural and provide consistent performance.

    Patients who want to take extra steps towards achieve better-looking smiles are encouraged to ask us about our cosmetic offerings. The first step to improving your smile is to make a visit to Wauchula Dental.
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    William Arnott

    This was the best dental experience of my life. Dr. Troy Kemahli was very meticulous, knowledgeable, and knows how to give almost painless shots. He has the latest hi-tech equipment and the office staff were well trained and friendly. And their prices are very reasonable 😁. I highly recommend Dr. Troy Kemahli at Wauchula Dental!

    Sarah Castro

    They are really great!!! I had all of my kids with me and they were really helpful. And if i had any problems they did everything they could to help me. I strongly recommend them to anyone.

    Chin Patel

    Everyone is so kind and wonderful. Very happy with the service I received there. They were able to get me in quickly and take care of my broken tooth the same day.

    Dr. Kemahli has been making a difference in the community through his volunteer efforts.

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